Emotional Fitness Training from Your Couch - Session 39

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0:30 - Opening Superpower exercise
4:35 – Odille shares some thoughts about dealing with judgement and criticism
11:12 – Cheryl shares her progress of working on revising childhood memories – and a dream
14:12 – Discussion about feeling bored
23:26 – Dealing with the issue of not being able to have fun – finding the childhood roots for “don’t be silly”
32:32 – Discussion about “perfection” – and resistance to changing memories because “its not real”
37:40 – Continued discussion about childhood programs about not allowed to have fun.
43:18 – Question about getting rid of desperation and the unwanted, and developing patience. Doing some detective work to discover childhood references
56:28 - Daily Practice Exercise – aiming at specific targets
1:06:40 – Closing comments
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